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The advanced Dyna-Menu template option allows you to select one of the available designs and the option to customize it further. You can add upto 5 languages (including English) and change the logo & background images as per your restaurant colors. Once the required settings are selected and the menu details entered, you can use the menu instantly at your restaurant. Most of our template designs support iPads (iOS) or Android tablets platforms based on the device you choose.

Versions of Dyna-Menu Digital Menu App

Based On The Tablets You Choose!


iOS App

For Apple iPads
(Mini, Air & Pro)

The digital menu application is custom developed for the Apple iOS platform making it compatible for iPads of different sizes. These are native iOS Apps built on Xcode making it quick & snappy to use.


Android App

For tablets of different sizes
(7", 8" & 10" tablets)

Tablets are available of different sizes on the Android platform. Hence we have developed our apps to be compatible with the some of them. These apps are natively coded hence making them quick to load and use.

Features of the Template based digital menu

Offline mode - works without internet connection!

We provide a dedicated backend dashboard where all details of the menu can be altered and reflected instantly on the digital menu. Backend access is provided to administrator of the restaurant and also resellers.
Once all the details of the menu & settings are set, the application downloads these settings & works without the need of a live internet connection (i.e. OFFLINE mode) hence enabling continuity.

Dyna-Menu Tablet App Digital Menu Application

Restaurants can select one of the available designs which can be customized as per their color theme. Based on the selection, they are directed to download the respective app that incorporates the selected design.


Settings for your menu

The Restaurant administrators have the option of changing the details to be displayed in the menu. They can select to display upto 5 languages including English, description/price of item, vegetarian symbol, nutritional & allergy information. They can also provide the option to the customer to add the menu items to a WISHLIST.


Restaurant promotions

The administrator can create a Promotional category which lists specific items hence enticing customers with deals & special offers. These items can be added/edited as & when required to reflect instantly on the digital menu.


Feedback form (Upcoming Feature)

The feedback forms will allow the restaurants to collect the feedback from the guest with regards to the menu items, service quality, improvement suggestions and reviews about your restaurant. This data can be accessed from the online dashboard by the manager/administrator of the restaurant.


Social Media Plug-ins (Upcoming Feature)

Social Media Plugins allows your guests to make quick announcements of their favorite dishes or "check-in" at your restaurant, advertising your brand instantly across the most popular Social Media platform of choice (Facebook, Twitter etc.).


Dyna-Menu Dashboard

The restaurant manager has access to an online dashboard, where they have complete control on the applications and its features. The dyna-menu applications can be managed from a single window, where the admin have the control over the Menu, updating contents, promotions, offers, etc. The Dashboard also has the list of add-ons that the restaurants can purchase or opted in at any time, that includes application upgrades, Feature additions, Menu redesigning, Menu item updates, multiple language adaptations, Extra location, etc.


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