Unlimited downloads & unlimited devices...
Only USD 99 per month

Get the mobile QR code menu & tablet menu for iPads / Android tablets for just USD 99 per month


QR Code Menu

No app to download. Guests scan the code with their phones & instantly view the menu with categories
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Tablet Menu

Gone are the days for paper based menus. Not only do they get spoilt, there is no easy way to update the details in them
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QR code menus are so cool...

Due to Covid-19, customers prefer to view the menus in their own phones. It's safe & handy.

Menu should be easy to use

Our menus are easy to navigate with categories & subcategories

Customize as per your need

Once signed-in, choose languages, create categories, enter menu details, add pictures & nutrition information

No app to download...just scan & view

Scan the QR code & view the menu without any download required from the Apple App store or Google Play store

Create shortlist & share with others

With the option of creating a selection for your items, you can share it with the restaurants or friends through WhatsApp, email etc.

Pricing (per month)


  • Menu Only
  • $ 99
  • Additional Language
  • $ 9
  • Wish List
  • FREE
    • dynamic

    Apple IOS8+

    For iPad Mini / Air / Pro (9.7")


    For 7" / 8" / 10" Tablets

    Tablet menus are so much better than paper....
    for iPads & Android tablets

    Our tablet menus are well received and working in many restaurants.
    The menus can be in upto 5 languages including English & Arabic.

    • dynamic

    Select your layout: portrait or landscape

    Choose one of the existing templates in the orientation that you would like to present your menu to your guests

    Customize your menu

    Once signed-in, choose languages, create categories, enter menu details, add pictures & nutrition information

    Download from the App Store

    All you have to do now is to download the app from the (Apple App / Google Play) Store for the selected template and login with the activated username/password


    There are no restrictions for the number of devices that can be used. Also, most templates are available to be used in iPads & Android tablets enabling you to choose the tablet based on your budget

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    Reseller Program

    Dashboard to access your menu.
    Customize, Modify & Use Instantly

    All menu details can be accessed on the dashboard website enabling the administrator to modify it at any time.



    You have the advantage of customizing the menu based on your requirements and hence having total control over the content displayed in the menu. Also, you have the option of adding upto 4 languages other than English to the menu instantly.

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